After looking at my profile picture, you can probably guess that someone’s first thought isn’t, “He must be a skilled photographer!” It’s more like, “Hey, why isn't that big guy playing in the NFL?!!” But unlike football, size doesn’t matter when you’re capturing some of those special moments in life.


I’ve always been obsessed with grasping the beauty of things around me. I have learned to be patient and to let moments unfold to obtain “the perfect shot”.  From painting a colorful bird sitting on a lush branch as a child to using lens to pull in all the beautiful details of an event, I strive for perfection.  


Let my photos tell your story, the way you want your story to be told!


I look forward to working with you. I welcome the opportunity to capture your unique moments.

Born in Newark, NJ
Raised on Nesbit Terrace
Lives in New Jersey & Works Around The World 



Email: Phone:  973-392-9567

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